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Short-term collaborations 

For one-offs, including one-off advice sessions, short menu consultations or financial feedback, we offer by-the-hour mentoring sessions. 

60 mins. £300

120 mins. £500

Monthly Retainers 

Affordable retainers for recurring sessions  and structural advice. This option is geared towards existing companies who are looking to bring network and experience on-board.

Share of Equity 

We grow with you. This structure is specifically tailored to ambitious creatives with little or no budget starting out in the industry.


Ideal for creatives and business owners who want to take it one step at a time, or who want to make use of our business resources such as PR and marketing strategy.

Coffee bar take away food young creative hospitality
Quince + Co mentors ambitious young creatives looking to make their mark in food + drink.
Quince + Co has flexible fee strucures that work for their hospitality clients including one-off sessions.

Our Fee Structure 

When we were planning out the business that would become Oklava, we were constantly juggling our ambitions with our monthly bills. We could have used some help. But consultancies and their prohibitive fees were beyond our means. We have designed the fee structure of Quince + Co with our younger selves in mind.

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