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Original + New 

Not only your produce should be crisp and fresh, but your ideas too. We prioritise working with ambitious innovators who are looking to develop their creative ideas. Our experience in setting up a pioneering business allows us to mentor you to do the same. 


We focus on ideas, but also on results. At the end of the day, a business needs to be viable. We believe long-term endurance and profit stands and falls with proper business planning.

Vegetable market young person creative hospitality and restaurants


Hasn't been done before? Untried and untested? Doing it differently? We know what it takes to have an original idea and run with it. To zag when everyone zigs. We make sure your outside-the-box idea has legs to stand on.

Quince + Co mentors ambitious young creatives looking to make their mark in food + drink.


There is no time like the present to share your love for food + drink with the world. Whether you have a business plan written out or need help developing your concept, we're here.

Quince + Co mentors young creative hositality owners and chefs.

From our network: 

Laurence Louie 

Head Chef at Kyseri (2018), Head Chef at Oklava (2019)

+ Director of Contempo Bakery (2021)

As I begin opening my own restaurant, Selin has guided me through establishing a successful business. She's shared her own experiences and worked closely with me in a methodical way to put my business in a position for success.  With her knowledge, experience, and character, she's an invaluable asset to anyone following a path in the food world. 

Laurence Louie young head chef restaurant and hospitality owner.
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