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Mexican food market grocery store hospitality business.

Menu Development 

With Selin + Laura, you have access to rich and varied expertise surrounding food + drink. Not only do they bring with them their good taste, but also a shared understanding of what it means to create products that are true to cultural heritage. 

Fresh Perspectives 

Changing tack, developing new ideas, or looking for a change? Another set of eyes (or two) is essential. Quince + Co provides a new way of looking at things.

Operations + Finance 

With experience across take-away, food halls, wholesale and more traditional restaurant models, Quince + Co can be a valuable partner in the development of sound business plans. 

Quince + Co mentors ambitious young creatives looking to make their mark in food + drink.
Quince + Co offers advie to retail, food and drink businesses and wholesale.

F + B Retail Advice 

Quince + Co works with entrepreneurs as well as more established businesses of all sizes. Our unique experience across a variety of different business models means we can provide effective and targeted advice to businesses looking to work on what they sell.

From our network: 

Olivia Basten 

Partner & Brand Manager
for Waitrose Product Innovation and Own Brand (Commercial)

Waitrose & Partners were delighted to enlist consultancy from Selin and Laura to gather their authoritative and honest perspective surrounding food and culture.

Waitrose and Partners Logo Food Recipes.
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