We don't want to toot our own horn. But we do value the opinions of our network of passionate, caring entrepreneurs like ourselves.

Peter Gordon 

Providores (2010), Kopapa (2010),

The Sugar Club (2018) + Homeland (2020)

Selin knows the hard yards because she has worked them. She knows how to mentor because she has been mentored by many wonderful and talented people.  She knows the risk of setting up a new business because she has done that several times. Between her and Laura you’ll be in safe hands.

Peter Gordon New Zealand Chef Providores and Homeland
Quince + Co mentors ambitious young creatives looking to make their mark in food + drink.
Quince + Co has been provided with tesimonials from key players in the hospitality industry around the world.
Matt Bushnell is operations manager and director at Salon Brixton Levan and Larry's Peckham in London.

Matt Bushnell 

Salon (2010), Levan (2018),

+ Larry's Peckham (2020)

There are a handful of people over your career who play a defining role in who you are and what you do. For me, without a doubt, Laura was one of those people. I learnt everything I know about managing a well-functioning restaurant operation from her. I’m hugely grateful.

Sanja Moll 

Business Coach
+ co-founder Salt Yard Group (2010)

Laura has an incredible track record both as an excellent operator as well as a visionary founder.

She is detail-orientated, conscientious and cares deeply about her staff and customers. She knows her stuff!

Sanja Moll coaches founders and leaders of entrepreneurial companies to achieve business clarity, to lead mindfully and to personally thrive.

Laurence Louie 

Head Chef at Kyseri (2018), Head Chef at Oklava (2019)

+ Director of Contempo Bakery (2021)

Working with Selin has been a life-changing experience. I've learned to operate an efficient kitchen cooking quality food in a healthy work environment while maintaining profitable margins.  Selin's pedagogy involves connecting the intricate details of this industry to a broader scope of business and producing quality cuisine.

Laurence Louie is head chef at Oklava and Kyseri and director of a bakery in Boston.

Philip Juma 

Selin has always been there for me.  I am someone who is in a constant flux or overthinking, anxiety and not feeling good enough.  Her advice when opening my first permanent stall at Borough Market was invaluable. 

Olivia Basten 

Partner & Brand Manager
for Waitrose Product Innovation and Own Brand (Commercial)

Waitrose & Partners were delighted to enlist consultancy from Selin and Laura to gather their authoritative and honest perspective surrounding food and culture.

Waitrose and Partners is a client of Quince + Co.
James Lyon-Shaw is the Director of Brucan Pubs in the United Kingdom.

James Lyon-Shaw 

Director of Brucan Pubs (2018)

Laura has always been a great source of advice and support over the years that we have known each other and worked together.


Her knowledge, experience and understanding of not only the forward-facing elements of our industry but also the cogs that turn behind the scenes make her an asset to any project.