Selin Kiazim 

Selin earned her stripes working in and running the kitchens of Peter Gordon. With Oklava, she embarked on an ongoing journey to showcase the culinary potential of her Turkish-Cypriot heritage.

Ambitious and driven, Selin knows what it takes to make delicious food, run a tight ship in the kitchen, and make a hospitality business tick.

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100 Most Influential Women in Hospitality

Laura Christie of Quince + Co and Oklava is a hospitality industry expert.

 Laura Christie 

Before embarking on her career as a business owner, Laura was Operations Manager at Salt Yard Group.

Detailed and conscientious, Laura is deeply aware of what it takes to run a business day-to-day on a financial and operational level. She excels at creating and managing coherent hospitality teams for businesses with heart. 

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Selin + Laura 

Quince + Co was born out of the experience we gained in our separate and shared careers in hospitality, most notably with our successful brand OKLAVA. We are as passionate as you are about the businesses we run and the customers we serve.

Quince + Co puts a network of money, means, and media at your disposal.